Hematogenous small intestinal metastasis 8 months after removal of epithelial ovarian cancer

Posted On 2019-01-18 19:04:07

Ovarian cancers usually spread in four different ways: Trans peritoneal spread, direct invasion, lymphatic, and hematogenous. The primary way of metastasis of ovarian carcinoma is considered to be direct peritoneal dissemination in the abdominal cavity and serosa of bowel. Conversely, hematogenous dissemination is rare, and seldom leads to gastrointestinal metastasis. We report a case of a patient who was operated for an epithelial ovarian cancer and presented with small intestinal metastasis 8 months later. Vascular cancer emboli could be detected by microscopy. Immunohistochemistry tests proved the small intestinal metastasis originated from primary ovarian cancer.

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