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Dr. Krishnansu Tewari: my journey as a Gynecological Oncologist

	author = {Silvia Zhou and Grace Li},
	title = {Dr. Krishnansu Tewari: my journey as a Gynecological Oncologist},
	journal = {Gynecology and Pelvic Medicine},
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	year = {2019},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {The Clinical Gynecologic Oncology 9th edition, released in 2017 is regarded as a must-have, readable and most comprehensive reference for the diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic cancers. The 6th and 8th edition of this book have been translated into Chinese, and have aroused tremendous attention in the field of gynecologic oncology in China. To benefit the physicians and patients in China and to further the communication in the field, we have launched a project which uncovers the stories and ideas behind the book, with the aim to share the thoughts and insights of the recognized leaders in the field.},
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