Prof. Javier F. Magrina: robotic surgery in gynecology

Posted On 2019-09-28 02:58:34

Given to the approval of FDA about the Da Vinci Surgical System for gynecological surgery, it has been rapidly adopted and it has already assumed as an important position at various centers where this is available. Prof. Magrina has been applying robotic techniques for gynecologic conditions, using the robotic systems Zeus and DaVinci, since February 20, 2003. In 2018, Prof. Magrina with Dr. Alaa El-Ghobashy, Dr. Thomas Ind and Dr. Jan Persson released a textbook of Gynecologic Robotic Surgery, which was designed to provide a detailed guide to common robotic gynecologic procedures for the purpose of helping novice surgeons in their transition to robotic surgery and seasoned robotic surgeons to refine their surgical technique and expand their repertoire of robotic procedures. To benefit the young surgeons and to further the communication in the field, we tried to approach Prof. Javier F. Magrina to conduct an interview. In this interview, Prof. Javier F. Magrina has shared with us the stories and the features of the book, the Gynecology department and the training of robotic surgery in gynecology in Mayo, as well as his experience in this field.

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